Natal Teeth: A Case Report and Review

  • Sandeep Shrestha Karnali Academy of health Sciences



A rare phenomenon, natal teeth are observed in infants at birth .The incidence of this anomaly has been approximately 1:1000 to 1:6000 live births. Presence of natal tooth may lead to numerous complications. Natal teeth can interfere with breastfeeding and, if excessively mobile, may be swallowed or aspirated during nursing. In this article, a case report is presented where a natal tooth was present in the mandibular incisor region.   Due to the possibility of aspiration because of the presence of mobility and also as the teeth are causing discomfort to the mother during breast feeding, the teeth was extracted under topical anaesthesia and the healing was found to be satisfactory.

 Key words: Natal teeth, Neonatal teeth, Complication

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